Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My ride has been "Mommed"

This post refers to a video on youtube called Mom My Ride. Many of you may have seen it, but if not, I suggest a viewing. Very funny. Anyway, on to my story. So, just over a year ago we retired the old "mommed" minivan and upgraded to a lovely Suburban. I vowed that I would take better care of it and not let it get the way the minivan had become, complete with spilled milk and mysterious items rolling around under the seats, making noise every time we turned a corner. I have done fairly well, since Adam was using the Suburban to drive prospective clients to meetings for a while, but he has stopped doing that now, and it has slowly begun to devolve into a Mom vehicle.

I knew that we had crossed the line when Adam and I (just the 2 of us!) were driving one evening we heard "You guys are CRAZY!" coming from somewhere in the back. I recognized the sound of Madagascar's "Marty" toy from McDonalds. It must have been somewhere under the seat, where the button got bumped while we were driving. For the next period of time (I won't say how long, though there was at least one or two car cleanings during that time) whenever there was a lull in conversation we would all hear Marty's voice from the back seat, and the kids would laugh. Well, Kenyan finally found the culprit and removed him. The next day I was driving and turned a corner. Suddenly from the back seat came "Rowr!" It was another of the Madagascar toys from McDonalds. Kenyan swears he did not plant it there, and how it knew to take over for Marty is a mystery to me!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Beating the Blog Block

So, I've been having trouble coming up with topics to blog about. I always feel like they're too personal to put on the family blog site--not that they're inappropriate, or anything, I just couldn't seem to post on the family blog. Maybe it's because Adam is the one that put it together, and I feel like it's his blog, not mine. So, in order to break out of my blogging block, and beat my silly idealism, I've created my own little space for blogging, where all the things I write are from a more personal point of view and nature. I am aware that it really shouldn't matter where I post it, but it does, so I'm getting past it my own way.

I have a lot of work ahead of me if I want to keep up with my two younger sisters, who have fantastic blogs (http://jensjingle.blogspot.com/ and http://regardingannie.wordpress.com/). They have lots of fans, and regular posts that are very entertaining. I highly suggest them to anyone who enjoys a good blog, and by some miracle found mine before theirs.

So, welcome, and here's to high hopes of a great future blog! :)